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2014 Trucking World Trends Overview

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From Amazon’s speculative shipping patent to Rolls Royce’s shipping drones … World Bank logistics competitiveness ratings (by country), to a late-session spending bill signed into law that suspends enforcement of the 34-hour restart provision for US truck drivers until late 2015, a Supply Chain Digest 2014 overview gives insights that can help you navigate the challenges to come in 2015.


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Report: Trucking Companies Seek Solutions to Deepening Driver Shortage

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As the U.S. economy grew through 2014, with consumer demand and housing starts rising, trucking companies found themselves scrambling to find drivers to bring goods to market, Reuters reported:

“The industry is short about 35,000 truck drivers, according to industry lobby group the American Trucking Associations (ATA). The shortage has left major carriers struggling, pushed up freight rates, and could contribute to an increase in inflation, analysts said. The shortfall could grow to around 240,000 drivers by 2020 if it is not addressed, the ATA said.

To combat the problem, trucking companies are offering incentives to lure truckers to fill vacant jobs. Some are picking up the cost of licensing and many offer signing bonuses.

“Derek Leathers, president of Werner Enterprises Inc with a fleet of around 7,000 trucks, said the company needs several thousand new drivers in the next year. ‘We have freight today we can’t haul because we don’t have the capacity,’ Leathers said.”

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Report: Emerging Technology Lowers Transportation Costs, Raises Margins

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Carriers that employ increasingly powerful transportation management technologies are lowering their transportation costs and increasing their margins, according to a report on

“Some view technology as a way to increase profits while others see it as a way to lower operating costs. Whatever the motivation, there’s an undeniable, gradual shift in the attitudes towards it.”

The report continues:

“Let’s take the example of route analysis and optimization as a beneficial technology currently available to trucking fleets. Today’s robust modeling technology that is integral to the process can simulate fleet activities and identify opportunities for savings. The technology can be a game-changer for fleets and deliver any number of services.”


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Trucking Trends: Demand, Growth, Rates and More

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Keeping up means keeping ahead. Here’s a look at what’s happening and some revealing questions about what might happen next.

2014 saw gains in freight capacity demand, stretching operations and drivers thin. Many sources anticipate more growth in 2015. Can you streamline your operation to meet demand? Can you find drivers to move your equipment? What solutions could help?

A seasonal surge in freight tonnage in the final months brought better rates and margins. Are higher rates sustainable?

Fuel price relief has eased margin pressure. Will it last?

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one-way trailers

Report: Shrinking Margins Drive Transportation Cost Cuts

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Trucking companies have been reducing transportation costs with a variety of tactics ranging from employing increasingly effective transportation management systems like Nationwide’s TruckTrack™ to managing their own inbound freight, according to a Supply Chain Digest report (linked below).

Transportation Management Is Key

The report describes the trucking industry as slow to implement “robust transportation management tools” and calls employing a system like TruckTrack™ a cost reduction opportunity. The SCD report continues, “Despite widespread deployments of ‘tier 1’ Transportation Management Systems, research from leading analysts companies continues to show less than 50 percent of midsized and even large companies use current, robust TMS tools. The ROI for TMS investment is generally strong …”

Other Opportunities to Cut Costs

In addition to implementing updated transportation management systems, many trucking companies can reduce costs by looking at how they handle incoming freight, enforcing compliance with their established processes and guidelines and managing their trailers more efficiently, SCD says.

One company reported cost savings from “increasing use of backhauls [one-way trailers] from supplier,” stating that this practice “generated meaningful savings … representing one of the most directly controllable supply chain cost buckets the retailer had to work with.”

Get Lean and Cut Costs Fast With Nationwide

A key takeaway of the SCD report is that many companies are overlooking significant cost reduction opportunities, particularly in how they manage transportation. Antiquated, slow, inaccurate and inefficient transportation is costing you time, customers and money. But implementing a whole new system is also costly and time-consuming. One viable solution is to add Nationwide Equipment Control to your transportation management strategy.

With powerful tools like our TruckTrack™ equipment management system and one-way trailers, we can help you start to cut costs right away, while you consider how you will update your transportation management system. And We believe there’s a good chance your new system will still include Nationwide.  Contact Nationwide Equipment Control today.



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Make One-Way Trailers Part of Your Equipment Strategy

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Steadily increasing freight capacity demand has stretched many operations thin. The solution for many shops is to manage their equipment needs with Nationwide one-way trailers.

In many cases, it’s least stressful and most profitable to use one-way trailers in your equipment management strategy.

Cut Costs. Increase Value

You can minimize or avoid some costs altogether, such as equipment maintenance, storage, insurance, financing and other fleet-related costs. And Nationwide can get the equipment you need where you need it fast.

That means you can make your operation leaner without sacrificing value, resulting in happy customers.

Powerful Equipment Management Resources

Access to Nationwide’s state-of-the-art database for tracking equipment, TruckTrack™ is like having a huge pool of equipment moving resources sorted and stacked up for your use. The end result of using this tool is that your equipment needs are virtually advertised, and you’re connected with the equipment management resources you need, when you need them.

Meet Demand, Increase Margin With One-Way Trailers

Meet increasing demand on-time and on-budget with high-value service, reduced costs and fewer headaches. Work smarter, not harder, and make more money. It just makes sense to employ this powerful equipment management tool in today’s freight marketplace.

Make one-way trailers a part of your lean, mean shop. Meet twice the demand with half the headaches while thrilling your customers and fattening your margin. Contact Nationwide Equipment Control today.

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